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EasyRecycling is a collection service aimed to reduce the amount of recyclable items that end up in black council bins – which in South Africa is estimated to be more than 80%. Our greater aim is to help reduce waste and increase the sustainability of the environment.

Our other services include :

Garden refuse removal, Garage Clearance and Mini Movers.

Weekly Collections

EasyRecycling collects recycling weekly and the areas we presently cover are Constantia, Bergvliet, Meadowridge, Kreupelbosch, Kirstenhof, Plumstead, Diep River, Tokai, Lakeside and City bowl

Sorting and preparation

NO SORTING is required. It is important though to rinse as necessary. For cardboard, please flatten and fold - this can be placed under your bag for collection purposes. Please also squeeze and flatten plastic bottles in your main recycling.

Our Company

Sustainability should be a way of life and everyone CAN make a difference

Due to recycling and composting, our family of 2 adults and 3 young children, produces less than one black bag of waste per week.

EasyRecycling is a family run business operating in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and City boiwl. It was born of the realisation of how many people do not recycle because of the hassle involved in sorting and dropping off.

Nico, says he has noticed that the majority of households here throw everything in their council bins. Like with most things, the individual is the beginning of the change and EasyRecycling wants to help implement this change.

Paper & Cardboard
Plastic & Polystyrene
Aluminium & Cans

Waxed and Foiled Paper and Cardboard
Cling Film & Florist Wrap
Disposable Nappies
Heavy Glass
Paint & Motor Oil Container

Did you know?

Of waste in Cape Town is generated from the private household
Less than %
Of recoverble material in SA is estimated to be recycled
Sea creatures each year are killed as a result of plastic waste being thrown into the ocean

Our Rates :



/per month

Weekly Collections

No sorting required



for 6 months

Weekly Collections

No sorting required

Other Services


per load or trip

Garden refuse removal or

Garage Clearance or

Mini Movers

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

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